New Video and tour with Riverboat Gamblers

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Dear friends, we are more than excited to announce that we are going on tour with our friends Riverboat Gamblers this January and February. Also, we recently released a new music video called “Goodbye Freedom, Hello Globalisation”. It will be featured on a limited split 7″ with the Riverboat Gamlbers, which we are going to release in January.

US Tour announced!!!

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We are touring the states again! :)



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Wir mussten nun lange über für uns sehr wichtige Neuigkeiten Stillschweigen bewahren, aber heute ist es endlich soweit:
Wir werden unseren nächsten Release in der USA als erste Band vom europäischen Festland beim Label Paper + Plastick (u.a. Frank Turner, A Wilhelm Scream, uvm…) heraussbringen. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Split 7″ mit den großartig großartigen Jaya The Cat, einer unserer Lieblingsbands. In Europa erscheint die 7″ bei unseren Lieblingen von Schall & Rauch Platten (u.a. ASTPAI, Wham Bam Bodyslam, the liberation service, uvm.) und in England bei Bomber Music (u.a. Great Cynics, The Skints, uvm.) Alles in allem handelt es sich also um einen Release mit einer unserer Lieblingsbands, herausgebracht von Lieblingsplattenfirmen, die wiederum unsere Lieblingsbands herrausbringen. Ach ja, Chris von Nothington hat das Artwork gemalt und unsere Freunde Screen Addicts haben illustriert. Jon von the Have Nots singt bei einem Lied mit. Gute Neuigkeiten? GROSSARTIGE NEUIGKEITEN!!!

We had to keep some very important news for us for ourselves, but today we can finally present them to you:
Our next release is going to be put out by Paper + Plastick Records (which has released bands and artists like Frank Turner, A Wilhelm Scream, Red City Radio, etc.) as first band from the European mainland. The release is a split 7″ with one of our favourite bands, namely Jaya the Cat. In Europe, the 7″ is going to be released by our buddies Schall & Rauch Platten (Astpai, Wham Bam Bodyslam, the Liberation Service, etc.) and in the UK by Bomber Music (the Skints, Great Cynics, etc.) All in all, it is going to be a release with one of our favourite bands released by our favourite labels, who put out our favourite bands. By the way, Chris of Nothington did the artwork and our friends Screen Addicts illustrated everything. Jon of the Have Nots is featured on one song. Good news? GREAT NEWS!!!

the Forum Walters

Our meaning of ‘UNITY’

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We’ve been using the term ‘Unity’ regularly in the past few months. Last night, in a quiet moment, I started reflecting about what this word means to us as a band.

I came to the conclusion that for us, it is not simply a word, it is a motivation. When we started playing music, we did it as friends. We did it because it united us in the believe of creating something together, to bundle our anger against society and to come out with something productive rather than destructive. Over the last years we had the pleasure to share the stage with some of our biggest idols, we hung out with people to whom we have looked up to for several reasons and step by step, we started realizing what was obvious from the very beginning on. It is all about the ‘WE’ as community. If you have the pleasure to go to a Punkrock show, you will realize that it is not only about the band on stage playing for the crowd in front of the stage. It is about being together as movement, as community, as friends. Go to a show in Greece and you will find people you have never seen before explaining to you how to create a meal without harming living creatures. Go to a show in Italy and you will get to know artists, who try to create something independent, something worthwile and unique in a world of mainstream ideals. Go to a show in Ukraine and find people absorbing the energy from the show, developing an atmosphere that explodes in positivity. Go to a show in California and you will find people, who have not too much, offering their homes, couches and floors. ‘Unity’ is hard work. But ‘Unity’ is worth it. We are very thankful to be part of a scene full of people, who actually care about their fellow beings and their direct and indirect environment. This is what ‘Unity’ stands for, at least in our opinion.

Have a beautiful day and weekend!

Wir haben den Begriff ‘Unity’ in letzter Zeit häufig benützt. Gestern, in einem ruhigen Moment, habe ich über dieses Wort und was es für uns als Band bedeutet reflektiert.

Ich bin zum Entschluss gekommen, dass ‘Unity’ für uns nicht nur ein Wort, sondern eine Motivation ist. Als wir zu musizieren begannen taten wir dies als Freunde. Wir taten es, weil wir daran glaubten gemeinsam etwas zu erschaffen, um unseren Ärger über die Gesellschaft zum Ausdruck zu bringen, aber viel mehr auf eine produktive als destruktive Art und Weise. Über die letzten Jahre hatten wir die Ehre die Bühne mit unseren größten Idolen zu teilen, wir sind mit Leuten zusammengesessen zu denen wir aus verschiedensten Gründen aufschauen und Schritt für Schritt sind wir auf das Offensichtliche gekommen. Es geht um das ‘WIR’ in der Bewegung. When ihr das Vergnügen habt auf ein Punkrock Konzert zu gehen werdet ihr mitbekommen, dass es nicht um die Band auf der Bühne oder die Zuschauer vor der Bühne geht. Es geht um das Gemeinsam sein als Bewegung, als Gemeinschaft, als Freunde. Geht zu einem Konzert in Griechenland und ihr werdet Leute treffen, die euch erzählen, wie ihr ein köstliches Essen zubereitet ohne Lebewesen zu verletzen. Geht zu einem Konzert in Italien und ihr werdet Künstler treffen, die etwas Einzigartiges in einer Welt von Einheitsbrei kreieren. Geht zu einem Konzert in der Ukraine und ihr werdet Leute treffen, welche die Energie des Konzerts aufsaugen und eine Atmosphäre entwickeln, die in Positivität zu explodieren scheint. Geht zu einem Konzert in Kalifornien und Leute, die nicht viel haben, bieten dir ihr Zuhause zur Übernachtung an. ‘Unity’ ist harte Arbeit. Aber ‘Unity’ ist es wert. Wir sind sehr dankbar ein Teil dieser Szene zu sein, die sich Gedanken über ihr direktes Umfeld macht und versucht so nachhaltig wie möglich zu sein. Darum geht es unserer Meinung beim ‘Unity’-Gedanken.

Wir wünschen euch einen wunderschönen Tag und ein wunderschönes Wochenende!

Webisode – Tour with Authority Zero (April 2013)

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Well, well, well. While we had the pleasure to play a couple of shows with the Riverboat Gamblers, who are, by the way, the most amazing band ever, we cut a video of our impressions of the Authority Zero Tour one month ago. Check it out!


the Forum Walters


Espressos, Pizza, Vino and Punkrock – A Tourdiary

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Tours should end and start with a hometown show. That’s a rule you should stick to if you are a touring band. Having the opportunity to play in front of fans and your music being appreciated by people you appreciate yourself is the best feeling in the world, and we were happy to experience such a feeling right before our first show of the first Authority Zero Tour.

Our good friend Sarah Saturday opened the night with her second ever show, and we are more than astonished to see her development within this couple of shows and we cannot wait to see her mixture of satirical German texts with simple, but catchy chords. Right afterwards, our new friend Puddel aka James Choice, who was clearly enjoying himself, headed on stage and performed a number of melancholic to optimistic pop pearls and at this time of the evening, we did not even expect to get it any better. However, when we got on stage we were, as always, blown away by the feedback we got from the audience and it was great to see so many familiar faces in the crowd singing along to each and every song. Vöcklabruck is not only our most favourite area to play, we would also regard it as our musical home.

With the fact in our heads that we had to leave very early on Sunday for Basel, we drank a few beers more at Bart and then drove home and as expected, we could enjoy a pretty awesome aftershow party with some close friends and went to bed at about half past four with a bad conscience, but a smile on our faces.

After a seven hour drive through the amazing landscape of Western Austria, Southern Germany and Switzerland, we arrived at the Sommercasino in Basel, which is similar to the Arena in Vienna in terms of awesomeness. We were warmly welcomed by Cecile, the promoter of the venue and had a good time meeting Authority Zero for the first time. As it turned out, both bass player and singer were sick at that time from their trip to Russia and still had not fully recovered. We tried to make the best out of it and played the first show of the tour and also our very first show in Switzerland. It was also good to meet our friends Felix and the Static Age at the show, very genuine and supercool guys. Our paths were crossing not only at this show on this tour. However, we were exhausted after the show as we had not have any sleep all day. Still, we strolled around Basel (Jakob more or less on his knees, as he had enjoyed two or seven more beers than the others), got some vegan food and went back to the Sommercasino, which also has a bandflat directly next to the backstage area. After catching more than enough sleep in cosy beds (we did not expect any cosy beds on this tour), we made ourselves on the way for some more vegetarian meals and enjoyed about 25°C under the Swiss sun.

the most beautiful Touring-Crew front of the Sommercasino in Basel


A few hours and piss stops later, we already arrived in Milano at the Rock n Roll club and as we were there far too early (yes, we were too early, believe it or not), we had a couple of Italian espressos in a nearby cafe. Afterwards, we loaded in (AZ had already arrived) and did soundcheck. The club somehow reminded us on CBGBs where everything is covered in Posters, magazine articles, etc. and we enjoyed some delicious vegetarian burgers there, before the show started. A band called “Kappa Kappa Kappa” opened and several people had already arrived and by the time we entered the stage, the showroom was quite crowded already. The set was fun and Authority Zero  killed it as usual, even though Jason was still suffering from being sick. However, we tried to leave the venue soon after a short breakdance session and ended the evening with some good chats and beers at our host Andrea’s home.

Matla enjoying some Italian Espresso

After having breakfast and dozens of Espressos, we made ourselves on the way to Pisa to watch the famous tower. Touristic poses followed and we finally arrived in Cecina too late, as we are geographic “Nockerpatzls”. Nevertheless, it was a great arrival, as we met our friends Alberto, Simone, Diego and the “Vada Punx” again. Being together as friends also helped us to ignite the spark on stage and we had a great, great time playing the Shuffle Club. Afterwards, we wanted to drive to a friends pub, but being geographic “Nockerpatzls” led us on the wrong way and we drove 40(!)kilometres into the wrong direction and 38 back. No party time for us anymore.

Authority Zero, the Forum Walters, Andrea and his dog

The next day, we drove to Firenze with our good friend Alberto and then further to Ljubljana. When we arrived at the venue Gala Hala, we were blown away by the pure awesomeness of the whole building complex. Similar to the Arena, it also includes several smaller venues, bars, a hostel and tons of graffiti. On this very show, we got to see not only “the Static Age” again, also “Nations Afire” was on the lineup, so we had great expectations for a great night. As it turned out, we even had a better night than expected. Our set was well received, the sound on stage and front of house was amazing and even though we were the opener this night, the hall was already quite full when we started. When the set was over, we started partying and it seemed like everybody was joining in. “the Static Age” and “Nations Afire” were great, but “Authority Zero” killed it that night. They played a perfect set and we were blown away by the energy, which spread out to the whole crowd. So we started celebrating a little harder to give this perfect night an appropriate ending and we all went to bed dizzy, drunk and with a smile on our lips.








Naturally, we had to leave Gala Hala the next day and drove to Graz. We were looking forward to this show, as we expected some friends of ours at the show. When we arrived in Graz, we had the great pleasure to meet up with old friends again, however, Philipp had a pretty strong allergic reaction and spent the rest of the night sneezing and cursing. The show was great fun and the Explosiv-Crew did a great job sound- and catering-wise! Still, we left in the night in order to be in Vöcklabruck to do some preparations for our very own Unity Festival.


We got up early and worked, worked, worked and finally, it was half past four and the first band, our friends “the Happy Terrorists” started playing. Without any exaggeration, they were great and as the night was progressing, more and more people showed up, selling out the venue and started a party that did not end far after the curfew. The Flatliners nailed it, and Authority Zero was as good as every night. After a loooong night of cleaning, we finally had time to celebrate and went to bed (or to couch, to be more exact) happily.

Matla in Milano













However, the tour was not over yet and we drove to Vienna without any expectations, as we thought that the highlight of the tour had passed already. BUT the show at shelter was so crowded that people were not able to get even into the showroom anymore and Wham Bam Bodyslam, Radio Havanna and Authority Zero did all their best to make this also an unforgettable night.

Phil in Milano














Overall, we can look back at this tour proudly. We had great shows, made some great new friends, met old ones and renewed our friendship, celebrated hard and enjoyed the life on the road. We cannot wait to reveal upcoming plans we have for 2013. It’s going to be a blast. But firstly, we will hit the studio and play a couple of shows with the Riverboat Gamblers.


A big thank you goes out to Authority Zero, Walter Rentokill, Weird World Tourbooking, Cecile, Andrea & Matteo, Alberto & Simone, Andrej, Romeo, Rock For Kongo, Azubi Kibwigwa & OKH Vöcklabruck and YOU for supporting us.

The punkrock scene is alive.


the Forum Walters

goodbye picture

Tour this April

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We are more than excited to hit the road again at the end of next week. First, we had some problems as our faithful touring van broke down, but we found a replacement and are now even more motivated to play the shows with Authority Zero. Also, we are very much looking forward to the first festival we are promoting, the UNITY FESTIVAL in Vöcklabruck, which is going to include bands like “the Flatliners”, “Authority Zero”, “Radio Havanna” and many more.

Moreover, we have some pretty cool touring annoucements for later this year. Stay tuned, see you on the road!

the Forum Walters

14.04.13 Sommercasino, Basel, CH w/ Authority Zero
15.04.13 Rock N Roll Club, Milano, IT w/ Authority Zero
16.04.13 Shuffle Club, Cecina, IT w/ Authority Zero
17.04.13 Gala Hala, Ljubjlana, SL w/ Authority Zero, Nations Afire, the Static Age
18.04.13 Explosiv, Graz w/ Authority Zero, the Static Age
19.04.13 OKH, Vöcklabruck – UNITY FESTIVAL
20.04.13 Shelter, Vienna w/ Authority Zero, Wham Bam Bodyslam, Radio Havanna

Short tour with the Hunters

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So we had a little break, decided to heat our heads in sunny Cuba and are now back with some shows in March, four of them with the incredible “The Hunters”:

02.03.13 Venster 99, Vienna w/ the Hunters
03.03.13 Wats Club, Holesov, CZ w/ the Hunters
04.03.13 Egzyl, Brandys Nad Labem, CZ w/ the Hunters
05.03.13 Cross Club, Prag, CZ w/ the Hunters
09.03.13 Das Bach, Vienna w/ Astpai

Check out this song of them:

See you on the road!

Tour with Authority Zero confirmed!

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Part two of the Forum Walters touring schedule 2013: a short tour with Authority Zero:
14.04.13 Sommercasino, Basel, CH w/ Authority Zero
15.04.13 Rock N Roll Club, Milano, IT w/ Authority Zero
16.04.13 Shuffle Club, Cecina, IT w/ Authority Zero
17.04.13 Gala Hala, Ljubjlana, SL w/ Authority Zero
18.04.13 Explosiv, Graz w/ Authority Zero
19.04.13 OKH, Vöcklabruck – UNITY FESTIVAL w/ Authority Zero
20.04.13 Shelter, Vienna w/ Authority Zero

You know what? 2013 is going to be our year!

First tourdates for 2013 announced

Posted on | November 19, 2012 | 19 Comments

Part one of the Forum Walters touring schedule 2013: a short tour with the dudes of The Hunters (CAN):
28.02.2013 Graz, Austria @ tba
01.03.2013 Amstetten, Austria @ Darkslide
02.03.2013 Wien, Austria @ Venster 99
03.03.2013 Holesov, Czech Republic @ Wats Club
04.03.2013 Brandy Nad Labem, Czech Republic @ Egzyl
05.03.2013 Prag, Czech Republic @ Cross Club

This is going to be a good start into a good year!

the Forum Walters

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